FIAC 2015

Maison De La Radio
Parcours Sonores
An international group exhibition curated by Iréne Omelianenko

"Sons Of The Wind"
October 20, 2015 - December 13, 2015
Exhibition Opening on October 19, 2015; 21h00
Maison de la Radio

"What We Leave Behind: Jean-Luc Godard's Archives"
October 24, 2015; 20h00
Studio 105
Maison de la Radio

October 25, 2015
Purple.Fr & Purple TV


Les Berges Paris
Sounds by the River
An international group exhibition curated by Anne-Laure Chamboissier

October 20, 2015 - November 01, 2015
Exhibition Opening on October 20th, 2015; 11h00
Berges de Seine

Within the context of the partnership between Radio France and La FIAC and for two consecutive years, the programming around the sound - SOUND BY THE RIVER questions about the recording and listening of our environment.

This programming articulates around two sites:
Maison de la Radio and Les Berges de Seine, Paris FR.

8 pm-9 pm

What We Leave Behind
Projection/sound installation.
"What We Leave Behind" is a sound work only composed from original sound fragments recorded on Jean-Luc Godard movie sets and that have never been revealed. This sound composition show us true audio-visual archives somewhat forgotten by Godard and that have been discovered, by accident, somewhere in France. A cinema portrait, a thinking about the notion of archive as a recurrent idea in the fields of philosophy and art. This work will be broadcasted within a device and a film projection.



Sons Of The Wind
From its delta in the Black sea up to its top in Germany, Virginie Luc and Stéphane Crasneanscki followed the Danube's meanders and those of the gipsy music until they meet the "Rom", the "Men". Among them, the musicians Clan "Sons Of The Wind" is a sound drift which try to look in the depth of the soul and memory of the Gipsies. It's also a contemporary story of these "Intouchables" in a Europe that is supposed to be without borders.


BERGES DE SEINE (Banks of the Seine)

This programming extends on the Berges de Seine which, these last six months, propose various events and meetings around COP21. The chosen works are questioning the idea about recording and listening of our urban or natural environments but also specific works by visual artists matching with the banks.

Medea is a trip around the Black Sea. A yet unpublished composition based on Hertzian wawes recordings and sounds and voices fragments gleaned by Collective Soundwalkduring a two-months cruise on a sailboat that was specially equipped with scanners, microphones and high range antennas. Medea approaches Turkey, Georgia, Russia, Crimea, Ukraine, Romania, Bulgaria and proceed in a kind of sound "reading" of this part of the world where beauty vibrates, bloody and dark – like the antique Medea.